Dynafit TLT Radical Speed Touring 2.0

    Levertijd:2 dagen na betaling (indien op voorraad)
  • Beschrijving

  • speedtouring en skitouring
  • gewicht : 341g
  • DIN : 4-10
  • stopper : geen

The Speed binding gets a radical upgrade, and the new Speed Radical is born. It combines maximum comfort with minimum weight, and is suitable for all ski tourers.

  • Speed Step climbing bar
  • Side Towers for quick binding entry and greater side impact resistance
  • optimized eccentric cam
  • adjustable length +/- 12.5 mm
  • new torx screws
  • jig/template optimized at the toe (just 4 screws instead of 5)
  • No additional plate (4 mm)
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