K2 Wayback 82

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    Levertijd:3-5 dagen
  • Beschrijving
  • Specificaties

  • Piste of klassiek touren, met soepele flex.
  • doel: telemark, tourski, piste
  • maten: 124-82-105mm
  • radius: 17m/167cm
  • rocker: Camber

Perfecting the art of touring efficiency, the WayBack 82 is mindful of its weight for the ascent with a blended Paulownia, Maple core and all-new, snow-shedding SnoPhobic top sheet. It features a slim 82mm waist width, but don’t be fooled, it is built secure and powerful for the way down.


Ski breedte 82
Skiër: unisex
Twintip: nee
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