Zag Adret 88

W 19/20
excl Verzendkosten kg
    Levertijd:3-5 dagen
  • Beschrijving
  • Specificaties

  • doel: telemark en tourskiën
  • maten: 124-88-111mm
  • radius: 18.5m/174cm
  • rocker: camber with tip/tail Rocker

A reference in the weight/performance ratio cate- gory, the Adret 88 is made for tourers who wish to make no compromise between weight and enjoy- ment. In addition to its feather-lightness, the Adret 88 provides versatility on all types of snow and will take you farther in unpacked snow than its little brother the Adret 81..

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Skiër: unisex
Twintip: nee
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