22 Design Outlaw-X 110mm

22 Design
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Nieuwe NTN binding van 22 Design met optioneel 110mm stoppers

  1. De Outlaw X geeft je de controle van een alpine skiset zonder de vrijheid van het telemarkskiën te verliezen!
  2. Dit is de toekomst van het telemark skiën! We laten de traditionele 75mm duckbill achter ons en stappen over op de progresieve New Telemark Norm – NTN. Eenvoudiger, sterker en stabieler dan je ooit geskiet hebt met een ruime keuze in stopper breedtes, diverse hardheden in veren sets.
  3. Step-In instap zonder je leashes vast te moeten klikken.
  4. maat: S voor Scarpa and Crispi t/m 26.0, L vanaf 26.5 Scott and Garmont S t/m 25.5 , L vanaf 26.0
  5. 1670 gr. p/paar
  6. ski en tourstand met 50 graden hiellift

The Outlaw X is our updated NTN binding, now with easier step-in and out, lighter weight, and improved durability.  Still built the 22 Designs way with sweet flex, copious spring travel, rugged steel construction, and blazing up and downhill performance.

An underfoot spring steel plate allows a lively flex while offering precision lateral control.  A single long spring provides smooth travel, and an easy preload adjustment makes it easy to find the sweet spot.

Built in the USA with stainless steel, machined aluminum, and premium plastics, the Outlaw X is built to last, and the 6 hole mounting pattern will keep it solid on your ski.

Borrowing proven touring technology from the Axl, the Outlaw X delivers true free-pivot performance. With a true step-in and pole activated release, the Outlaw is always ready to run. The Outlaw can release laterally, although it's not guaranteed.  The Outlaw is not a DIN-certified releasable binding.  Ski at your own risk.
Systeem: NTN telemark
Gewicht: 1670gr
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